Florida Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance in FL

Sometimes, as the tide comes in, it’s a small enough change that you can hop out of the way. Other times, the water in your town might be so bad that the only way to escape would be to climb to the top of the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. As you sit on the top of that hand you wonder, how’s my house holding up right now? We’re going to guess maybe a little wet and cold. Flooding can be caused by anything from rising ocean levels to lack of drainage for rainwater, but one thing is for sure, it can happen anywhere and you need to be prepared. Along with Florida flood insurance you might also be interested in;

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What we do

Swimming with the mermaids in Weeki Wachee seems like the best type of glory. But as a human mermaid, they have to come up for air. And flooding doesn’t always mean slowly rising still water. Flooding can happen so fast you didn’t even know it was coming. And the speeds. Roads are slanted in the perfect way to create roaring rivers when it rains.

Even though you may think that flooding is covered by your Florida home insurance, it’s not. Home insurance can cover other types of water damage, but it will not cover water damage from flooding. That’s why you need a separate Florida flood insurance policy to cover your home against those types of damages.

For the most part, unless you’re right on the coast the ocean has very little to do with flooding issues. Strangely enough, it has to do more with rain. Very few cities have proper drainage for their rainwater, and some systems just can’t handle the amount of rain their area can get, causing the water to overflow onto the roads. Some houses on higher land might be safe, but even then it can cause water to flow rapidly down a decline of elevation with force that could likely damage your property and home.

Speaking of property, Florida flood insurance does not cover any part of your yard or buildings that are not directly attached to the insured building, like sheds. It also does not cover mold of mildew that is avoidable, or not directly caused by the flood damages. Also avoid furnishing any levels of your building that are below the lowest elevated floor, because they will not be covered by Florida flood insurance.

Who we are

We’re all about finding the best coverage for whoever comes to us for help. We don’t want you worrying about what the future may hold. And we want to be an independent insurance agency that you can depend on like you can depend on the Oranges that grow all around the state. Did I mention we’re local? We have five locations across Florida where you can go whenever you need help. We’re located in Orlando, Miami, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa. Meaning that, though we might be strangers to you now, we don’t have to be.

How we do it

As an independent insurance agency we want to give you the best coverage possible. Using our 360 Review Program we work with FEMA to make sure that you get coverage that works for your area. Different policies are offered for your risk-level. FEMA determines if you are at high or low risk by seeing how elevated above sea level your property lies. This determines the policy cost and rate.

Because of how specific and intricate Florida flood insurance is, FEMA has developed a 100-year flood zone map to figure out the risk for every property in Florida. There are different maps for different risk levels, like a 500-year flood zone map, and as time goes it is updated. The 100-year map is made for high-risk areas only. What the map means is that the areas plotted have a 1% chance risk of a flood occurring each year that meets the enveloping level hypothesized by the map. Some areas that are at a high-risk and are still under a mortgage may be required to have Florida flood insurance because of how often that area could flood. We don’t want you so far under water you can see the Spiegel Grove or Christ of the Deep in The Keys.

Where we offer it

In Florida, some areas were obligated to go through Citizen’s Insurance to get Florida flood insurance. This caused you to end up with Florida flood insurance that might have made you under-insured, or paying too much. Now that you have Full Circle Insurance to turn to, we make sure that no matter where you are in Florida we can cover you, making sure that you have the best coverage for your specific need. We offer of services in all of Florida such as counties like;

  • Escambia County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Nassau County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Miami-Dade County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Sarasota County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Polk County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Liberty County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Alachua County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Palm Beach County Florida Flood Insurance
  • Manatee County Florida Flood Insurance
  • The Keys Florida Flood Insurance


All of the beaches and coasts of Florida are covered under Florida flood insurance. We leave no part of the state uninsured.

Why we care

As far as independent insurance brokers go, we are the highest rated in Florida on Yelp and on Google. We work close with the federal government and FEMA to offer you the best fitting coverage you can find in Florida, making sure we know all there is to know about your situation. The best part is, when getting Florida flood insurance through us, you can also get any of our other insurance policies and bundle them together for a cheaper over all price.

You’ll swim with the manatees on your own time, not as they shimmy their way in through your door, or better yet, making a hole of their own to come watch underwater TV with you. We want the best for you and your home, so we’re prepared to go 360 for you whenever you need it.