Boca Raton Home Owners Insurance

Home Owners Insurance in Boca Raton FL

Home is where the once a year Boca Bash is. Whether you love it or it’s just down right annoying to you, Boca Raton is a place where people get wild. And where there is wild there is damage. House parties may be a thing of your past now that you’re laying down roots in a place that you can call home, but protecting your home against the world is something that will never change. At Full Circle Insurance we offer you Boca Raton home insurance and even other insurances that you might need, like;

  • Boca Raton condo insurance
  • Boca Raton business insurance
  • Boca Raton flood insurance

What we do

Almost all of Palm Beach County is in an area on the wind zone the can get 120- 140 mile an hour winds. And with Boca Raton right on the coast, it’s closer to the 140 mph range. This isn’t just for hurricane winds; this is for any storm’s winds. Most national insurance companies don’t want to supply insurance for the state of Florida because of how high the winds can get on a regular basis. The few insurance providers that do offer Boca Raton home insurance usually don’t cover wind or hurricane damages, which is half of the point of getting Boca Raton home insurance. Full Circle Insurance is an independent insurance broker that can find you insurance, with a separate deductible, will cover both windstorm and hurricane coverage with you Boca Raton home insurance.

That’s just one of the life issues that Boca Raton home insurance can cover you for though, because while you’re out at The International Museum of Cartoon Art anything could be going on back home. Unless you have one of those fancy video surveillance security systems in your home so you can check in on it wherever you go, there’s no way you, or any type of emergency vehicles will get to your home before major damages or losses occur.

No we don’t show up with the fire trucks to rebuild your home on the spot, that would be a little past our magical abilities, but we do help find you Boca Raton home insurance that can cover the damages from the fire and more weather and non-weather damages, like;

  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Lightening
  • Snow
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Who we are

We are an independent insurance broker. That’s who we are. And what that really means is that we don’t care what policy you go with or if you pick the cheaper one over the bigger one. What we care about is that you have the Boca Raton home insurance that covers your home perfectly. There’s no reason to be over paying for things in your policies that you don’t need. We would hate if you were over or under insured, and hate is a strong word.

We’re not about making money like some companies, hint hint, Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. Then again, even people with money still need to protect what’s theirs with Boca Raton home insurance, and we can get that for them. We would even give them the same options as you, our ACV plan or our RCV plan. ACV plans for personal property means that anything you lose in the damages is covered at an as is value. Grandma’s couch, is only covered for as much as grandma’s couch was still worth.

On the other hand our RCV plan, or replacement cost value plan, means that instead of finding a new craigslist couch to replace it, you can buy a newer one. Obviously the cost of these two plans would differ. But we’ll see what’s in your home, and let you know which one we think would be better for you and your situation. Then we’ll let you pick. And since we’re local, you are welcome to even come down to our offices and really get to know who we are.

How we do it

Our licensed insurance experts want you to have the policy that fits your needs. We make sure that you understand your options and give you the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. Using our 360 Review Program we check up to 57 providers to find your policy.

Everyone has a different budget though, so we will show you two quotes. One that is the best policy that covers your needs for the best price available, and the other one will be for the cheapest price. Both policies will cover the damage to your home, and your possessions, just each will have different deductibles and coverage amounts. We help you into whichever policy you want and start you on your process to buy it.

Where we offer it

For the longest time people in Florida did that lots of home insurance options and had to sign up with Citizen’s Insurance, which only gave them one quote for one policy to work with. Now with our ability to check up to 57 providers that’s no longer an issue. We offer out services in Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County, including cities like;

  • Belle Glade Home Insurance
  • Palm Beach Gardens Home Insurance
  • West Palm Beach Home Insurance
  • Boynton Beach Home Insurance
  • Jupiter Home Insurance
  • Lake Worth Home Insurance
  • Delray Beach Home Insurance
  • Wellington Home Insurance


Even on the beaches of Boca Raton we offer Boca Raton Home Insurance, though those areas, being on the coast and all can get more severe storms. But sometimes just the view is worth the danger. Because when the storms hit while you’re sun bathing, we want you to be close enough to your house to get to safety.

Why we care

In Boca Raton Full Circle Insurance is the top ranked insurance provider on Yelp and Google. We have gotten great reviews because we care for our clients. Using our 360 Review Program, we check out all the providers we associate ourselves with. We do this because we want the best for you, and sometimes that’s not what other companies want. The rating agency, Demotech, hands out A ratings to anyone willing to pay for them. So how are you supposed to trust anything they say if they have to buy their way into a higher rating? Thing is, you’re not.

We only get our reviews from real people like you. Go for it, leave us a review on Yelp. These providers are so un-trustworthy though that they can’t even follow through on some of the policies that they give out. Our licensed insurance advisors came up with information on them saying that if a hurricane hit Florida today or tomorrow, almost one third of providers would go bankrupt trying to fill them all.

So imagine that. A hurricane hits your home, you have no where to do and you’re depending for your insurance policy to kick in and help, but instead their off the coast enjoying their drinks while watching you cry. We don’t want that. We want to find you insurance companies to work with, that you can depend on following through at the end of the day, or whatever day that hurricane hits. No matter what we’re in the business of going 360 for you, no matter what the reason.