Miami Home Owners Insurance

Home Owners Insurance in Miami FL

Miami’s not just a place to base your latest crime show. But if you are, you’re going to want to check if a shoot out between the cops and culprits will be coved under Miami Home Insurance. Let’s assume, no. No one can anticipate just when something will go wrong so it’s better to be covered for the just in case moments in life. We also offer;

  • Miami condo insurance
  • Miami business insurance
  • Miami flood insurance

What we do

If you’re a resident of Miami, you most likely already know this, but you are located in the wind zone. Most insurance companies wont cover people there because in the case of a crazy disaster they would go bankrupt trying to cover your claim. And the ones that do offer Miami home insurance won’t cover you for wind damages in that area. Thing is, we do. Full Circle Insurance offers windstorm and hurricane coverage with Miami home insurance with a separate deductible.

Loosing your home after a serious disaster is no joking matter, and we want to make sure that if that happens you have the coverage to rebuild your home. You may say that it’ll never happen to you, but that’s what they all said until they lost it. No one knows when a hurricane will rip your house up and send it to Oz. (Well, tornado, but they’re not around here as often. That’s a Kansas thing.)

Most people never consider the issue that loosing their home, means loosing all your personal belongings, and though no Miami home insurance in the world can bring back the photos on your fridge, but it can cover things so that they can be as close as they were. Making you feel like you’re home again. No one deserves to worry. With Full Circle Miami home insurance we cover both weather and non-weather damages like, but not limited to;

  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Lightening
  • Snow (though we find that majorly unlikely)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Who we are

Not having home insurance isn’t worth the risk in Florida. Imagine you’re out for the night at Bayside Marketplace having a lovely evening. At the end of the night you pay for your meal at Versailles Restaurant and head to your car. When you arrive home there are fire trucks and flashing lights scattered outside your door. You call your Miami home insurance provider to submit your claim, knowing fire damage was part of your coverage.

Come to find out your home was under insured. That means your mortgage defaults because you don’t have the extra $75k to pay out of pocket and now your credit is ruined all because your insurance agent didn’t bother to actually make sure you had the right coverage for your home and it’s value.

How we do it

We use something called our 360 Review Program, where our licensed insurance advisors will spend the time to research your home value and what it would really cost for you to rebuild and checking up to 57 companies for the perfect policy fit. Most don’t think about what the cost would be to house you and your family while that’s all taking place. But we’ll remember to count that into your total.

After we check all of the policies we deliver to you two; the best insurance for the best price available, and the cheapest insurance. We let you know all you could about these two policies and help you choose which one is right for you.

Where we offer it

Most people go straight for Citizen’s Insurance, because in most areas of Florida for the longest time that was your only option, but it’s not anymore. With our independent services you can be covered by Full Circle Insurance in Miami and surrounding areas such as;

  • Brickell Home Insurance
  • Coconut Grove Home Insurance
  • Miami Beach Home Insurance
  • Downtown Miami Home Insurance
  • Little Havana Home Insurance
  • Coral Cables Home Insurance
  • Miami Gardens Home Insurance
  • Hialeah Home Insurance
  • Kendall Home Insurance


Even the beaches of Miami are covered which is an unusual case. All of Miami Dade County can be put under our Miami home insurance. This means you don’t have just one quote to go off of any more. You can actually have a voice on which policy will work best for you.

Why we care

Did you know that we’re also the highest rated insurance broker in Miami on Yelp and Google? Well we are. And by using our 360 Review Program our licensed insurance advisors also look into the other providers. Most are rated by an agency called Demotech, which have issued an A rating to ever insurance provider in Florida. Which is rather unlikely. Our licensed insurance experts found that even though they all had A’s they weren’t all created equal.

We looked to see how much cash reserves they had on hand, how many policies they had written verses the cash they have on hand, what their hurricane deductibles were, and we discovered that close to one third of the insurance providers in Florida would go bankrupt if a Hurricane hit Florida today. We’d never let that happen to you, we’ll always go 360 for you.