Florida Home Owners Insurance

Home Owners Insurance in FL

Florida is home to more then hot summer weather and beautiful beaches. It’s home to Orlando’s St James Roman Catholic Cathedral, and places like Jungle Island in Miami. It has everything from cool little springs to beaches like Amelia Island where you can hunt for Sharks’ teeth. It’s a place for the sweet and adventurous to come together and call home. But that involves having to keep your home safe from whatever else is out there. If you’re not interested in getting a house in Florida we also offer other forms of insurance so that no matter what building you’re spending your time in in Florida, you’ll be covered.

  • Florida condo insurance
  • Florida business insurance
  • Florida flood insurance

What we do

If you’re thinking of moving to Florida, or already live in Florida and are just shopping around for a better Florida home insurance plan, then you’re in the right place. Around the coasts of Florida we can have wind speeds as high as 160 miles per hour. And that’s not including the speeds they would be if a hurricane were to hit. Even though Florida is seen as a peaceful vacation spot, or somewhere to retire when you get older it’s not always the least worrisome please to live.

Florida is known for how nasty the storms here can get. Some insurance companies won’t even insure anyone for home insurance in Florida because they’re worried about how often people will be submitting claims. And the ones that do offer Florida home insurance often don’t offer hurricane or windstorm coverage, because if they did they’d go bankrupt trying to fill claims. We want to make sure that whichever company is responsible for your home that they are someone that you can trust. So because of that we cover both with a separate deductible.

Florida home insurance not only covers your home but also your possessions. We cover both weather and non-weather damages like, but not limited to;

  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Lightening
  • Snow
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Who we are

In Florida we’re known for our hurricanes. Why risk not having Florida home insurance in a place like that? We care about keeping your home safe and protecting you against whatever is blown your way. Obviously there are other areas in Florida that are less susceptible to hurricanes, but that doesn’t mean you’re untouchable. At Full Circle Insurance we will be the ones to make sure that your home has the proper coverage for your area, whether that is by Cape Canaveral and you want to be prepared for whatever may fall from the skies, or you are living out by the Everglades. Keeping your home covered is our number one priority.

How we do it

At Full Circle Insurance our licensed insurance advisors use our 360 Review Program to help find the perfect policy for you and your home. We check up to 57 companies, making sure that we get you a quote that will have the value of your home and possessions in mind. We even cover the cost to find you a place to stay while repairs are being made to your home in the event of major damage.

After we have all of the information we need from you, we find the company that can give you a policy that matches those needs. We will then show you two quotes, the best insurance for the best price available, and the cheapest insurance. Depending on your income, one might be better for you then the other. We educate you on why each one has its positives and help you sign for which ever you find most attractive.

Where we offer it

In most of the state of Florida many insurance companies didn’t offer Florida home insurance so customers were obligated to sign with Citizen’s Insurance, even though it may not have the best policy for them. Now, with Full Circle Insurance, we can check more than one company to make sure that the coverage you get will be coverage you can depend on. Fitting you just like a glove. That you would never wear here. Because it’s too hot. But lucky for you we cover all of Florida and all the counties in it, like;

  • Escambia County Florida Home Insurance
  • Nassau County Florida Home Insurance
  • Miami-Dade County Florida Home Insurance
  • Sarasota County Florida Home Insurance
  • Polk County Florida Home Insurance
  • Liberty County Florida Home Insurance
  • Alachua County Florida Home Insurance
  • Palm Beach County Florida Home Insurance
  • Manatee County Florida Home Insurance
  • The Keys Florida Home Insurance

Why we care

We are the highest rated insurance broker in Florida on Yelp and Google. We got those ratings by caring about our customers. Our licensed insurance advisors use our 360 Review Program to find out everything they can about a provider before sending you their way. We found that a rating agency called Demotech has rated a bunch of Florida companies with a false A rating. After looking into each company, we found that many did not maintain enough cash on hand to cover the policies they underwrote. Almost one third of the insurance providers in Florida would go bankrupt if a major hurricane hit Florida today. This would leave many Florida homeowners vulnerable and having to pay out of pocket to cover their losses, despite having paid their insurance premiums year after year. This is what motivates us to go 360 for you.