Florida Business Insurance

Business Insurance in FL

There are successful businesses in Florida other then just beach shops and boat rentals. There’s a lot more that Florida has to offer to its citizens then just its surrounding coast. And that doesn’t mean that we’re just talking about its Orange production rates. Everyone can find something in Florida that they love, and to do that they have to have businesses around to be able to support those interests. No matter where in Florida you dreamed of starting your business, we promise that there’s somewhere for you in this lovely state. We want to help you keep that business as hot as the Florida summers with Florida business insurance. We also offer other insurance policies for different parts of your life.

  • Florida home insurance
  • Florida condo insurance
  • Florida flood insurance

What we do

Starting a business is hard enough as it is without you having to worry about what the future may hold. But that’s how you keep a business alive and strong, by predicting all of the what-ifs and preparing for if they come true. That’s what Florida business insurance is for. But no business has the same path to face. Each one fears different things, and that’s why at Full Circle Insurance we offer an array of policies you get your company covered in every way it needs to be.

  • Florida General Liability Insurance
    • General Liability insurance will cover you during a lawsuit if someone hurts himself or herself in your place of business. For some business agreements it can be the minimum mandatory level of liability coverage.
  • Florida Professional Liability Insurance
    • Professional Liability Insurance is for companies that may be more prone to lawsuits like, physicians, attorneys, architects, engineers, consultants, and financial firms. This would cover not only the company, but also the individual employees.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
    • Errors and Omissions Insurance protects professionals that handle large amounts of paperwork from possible mistakes. The insurance protects you against potential paperwork errors.
  • Florida Business Owner’s Policy
    • Business Owner’s Policies, also called BOPs, are a basic level of Florida business insurance. This coverage covers property insurance for your building along with your company’s possessions. Business interruption insurance, which reimburses your company for lost income in the event of a covered loss, is also included along with liability coverage for your legal responsibilities. These three types of coverage are bundled together and can be a prime starting point for some businesses.
  • Florida Home based insurance policies
    • This policy is for running a business out of your home. Though you may already have an Florida home insurance policy, it will not cover very much, if any at all, of your business property within the home.
  • Florida Commercial Building and Property Insurance
    • Commercial Property Insurance simply covers your physical building as well as the personal and business property it contains.
  • Florida Builders’ Risk Insurance
    • Builders’ Risk Insurance will cover your building while under construction for things like, fire, theft, vandalism, lighting, and windstorms.
  • Florida Restaurant Insurance
    • Restaurant Insurance covers things that are more specific to a restaurant, bundling a few policies together for your convenience. The policy includes General Liability Insurance, which will cover you for a lawsuit if someone hurts themselves in the restaurant and Worker’s Comp Insurance, which will cover your employees’ medical costs and lost wages if they are injured on the job. It also provides liability coverage for the restaurant as well as personal property coverage and identity theft insurance.
  • Florida Business Contents Insurance
    • This policy will only cover the business’ possessions within the building due to damage or loss.
  • Florida Apartment Building Insurance
    • Apartment Building Insurance covers the building and any other structure on the property. General Liability insurance, which covers you for a lawsuit if someone hurts themselves on the premises, and Loss of Income insurance, which provides continuous income after a loss, are also included.
  • Florida Liquor Liability Insurance
    • If you own a bar, this one’s for you. This protects you for liabilities and associated costs that become your responsibility from patrons that damage property or injure another person.
  • Florida Trucking and Hauling Insurance
    • Trucking and Hauling Insurance is for anyone running a business from a motor vehicle. This would cover the cargo and equipment that you would be carrying.
  • Florida Garage Liability Insurance
    • This would be the insurance for those who own a vehicle repair shop of any kind. Garage Liability Insurance covers any bodily injuries or property damages caused by the business’ actions.
  • Florida Surety and Bonds
    • Bonds are used when companies need to show their clients that they will fulfill an agreement. If the company hired to do the work fails to do what was promised, the customer can get their money back from the bond. We would oversee this contract. Within the state of Florida there are multiple Bonds that are available such as, title bonds, business service bonds, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco bonds.
  • Florida Cyber Liability
    • This insurance covers any online businesses and would cover any information that is stolen or hacked.

Who we are

>We care about all businesses. Making sure that while they’re running we’re making sure to cover them. We want you to be able to grow your business and keep it going so it doesn’t end up like Splendid China Amusement Park, which is now just a pile of rubble in Kissimmee, Florida. To keep that from happening we only work with insurance providers who are AM best rated such as;

  • Lloyds of London Insurance
  • Zurich Insurance
  • AIG Insurance
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Amtrust Insurance
  • Chubb Insurance
  • Lexington Insurance Company Insurance
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Travelers Insurance

How we do it

Full Circle Insurance takes pride in being able to find you the best coverage available. Our licensed insurance advisors are trained to be able to look at 57 companies that offer all types of Florida business insurance with our 360 Review Program. This program helps us determine what type of coverage will best suit your company.

Florida business insurance has over 15 types of business policies to mix and match into the best makeup for your company. We look into all 57 companies to find which ever of those 15 you need. After we’ve found all the possible policies that meet your needs we will quote you the best two. One will be for the most sufficient plan for the best price and the second will be the least expensive. We will explain each to you in detail so that you have the ability to make an informed decision of with one fits your needs best. No matter which one you choose we support your choice and help you purchase the victor of the two.

Where we offer it

What better place to start a business then in the state of Florida, or better yet in Florida’s historic capitol city is Tallahassee? You could open it up right next to Florida State University. But if Tallahassee isn’t the city for your business, we offer coverage in every county and city of the state of Florida, for example;

  • Escambia County Florida Business Insurance
  • Nassau County Florida Business Insurance
  • Miami-Dade County Florida Business Insurance
  • Sarasota County Florida Business Insurance
  • Polk County Florida Business Insurance
  • Liberty County Florida Business Insurance
  • Alachua County Florida Business Insurance
  • Palm Beach County Florida Business Insurance
  • Manatee County Florida Business Insurance
  • The Keys Florida Business Insurance


Even if the perfect location for you is right on the beach we’ll cover you. Keeping you safe from whatever those waves throw your way. Starting over is hard, but we’ll be there to back you if need be.

Why we care

We want your business to be something not only you’re proud of, but that we are too. We want to look back when you’re bigger and know that we were with you from day one. We’re all about helping the community around us grow. That’s why we stay local in the area we want to help. We want to be part of the progress. Every time you sign through us you’re helping us be able to give back to the local area. We are located in five major cities across the state of Florida, and we plan to make each and every one of them the best city it can be. But before we can go making the world a better place, we’ll make your business better too, because no matter what you need we’ll go 360 for you.