Florida Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance in FL

Being part of Florida means having a sense of community and independence. That’s why having a condo in Florida is the best way to go. You have a group of friends, practically family to watch your home when you’re not there, making it a safer environment for everyone around. But for those things that are beyond the control of friendly neighbors, there’s Florida condo insurance, and for all the other parts of your life there’s;

  • Florida home insurance
  • Florida business insurance
  • Florida flood insurance

What we do

Condos, though similar to houses in a structural sense, do not have the same insurance plans. One of the biggest differences between the plans is that Florida condo insurance only covers the inside of the building and your personal contents. This is because part of the fees you pay for owning a condo go towards insuring the exterior. Florida condo insurance also has liability coverage for any injuries that occur within your condo, and you never know who could slip and fall because of a loose nail.

Though you may not live in a part of Florida that’s as likely to get hit by a hurricane, like Miami or The Keys, it’s still something that you need to be aware of as a possibility. All around the coast of Florida are high wind zones, with speeds up to and over 160 miles per hour. Because of this, you need a Florida condo insurance policy that will cover you for these risks. Some insurance companies in Florida don’t offer any kind of coverage for these damages because, as far as windstorm damage is concerned, they would have to fill them too often and would eventually go bankrupt.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, our licensed insurance advisors check all 57 companies we work with individually to make sure they’re reliable enough for our clients. We make sure that they offer both windstorm and hurricane coverage through Florida condo insurance, with a separate deductible.

With Full Circle Insurance Florida condo insurance we cover weather and non-weather damages for the interior of your condo like, but not limited to;

  • Fire
  • Windstorms
  • Hail
  • Lightening
  • Freezing of your plumbing
  • Theft

Who we are

We, as a company, care about our clients. We don’t want you getting ripped off or under-insured by anyone. As you’re driving home across the Seven mile bridge we want you enjoying the sunset off to the side and be able to soak it in, not worrying about what condition your condo might be in after a day away. The Keys are a great place to go to relax, but not if you have to be nervous to leave your condo alone. Put the trust in our hands to find you the perfect coverage, so then your worry can be in someone else’s hands.

How we do it

Our licensed insurance advisors are trained to check up to 57 companies by using our 360 Review Program. They make sure that every company we quote will have the coverage that will best fit your needs. Once we have our advisors research each provider, we supply you with two possible quotes. One will be the top policy for the best price and the other will be the least expensive policy. After we show you both and explain them in detail, we help you purchase whichever you find is the best fit. You can never know for sure when a disaster will hit, or what type of damage will be done. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the worst, so that we can help when and if that happens.

Where we offer it

In some areas of Florida there used to be only one insurance provider for condo insurance, Citizen’s Insurance. You would be given a single quote with no room for changes in how much it would cover or what type of deductibles you could have. Now, you have the option of going through Full Circle Insurance, where we can help you find the perfect quote, so that you’re not wasting your time sorting through every provider you stumble upon online. Full Circle Insurance offers their policies in all of Florida’s counties, like;

  • Escambia County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Nassau County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Miami-Dade County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Sarasota County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Polk County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Liberty County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Alachua County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Palm Beach County Florida Condo Insurance
  • Manatee County Florida Condo Insurance
  • The Keys Florida Condo Insurance


The counties on the coasts are covered, because that’s where you really need insurance, even the beaches in those counties. Because we know that there’s no place in Florida that can do without Florida condo insurance.

Why we care

In Florida, Full Circle Insurance is the highest rated insurance broker on Yelp and Google. This makes us the best insurance company for you to come to for help. We don’t like insurance companies that are all in it for the money, we make sure that each and every provider we deal is a respectable company. Some agencies get their ratings through Demotech, and to do that all you have to do is pay a fee and they will give you an ‘A’ rating.

These companies are running around with A ratings when, if a hurricane actually hit Florida, one third of them would go bankrupt because they wouldn’t be able to cover your claims. We found out that these companies knowingly do this, giving out policies with good coverage for a low cost that they know they don’t have the cash on hand to cover the risk.

We don’t want you waiting around for your claim to pay out. We know that when disaster hits you need the money fast. We want your home to stay standing just as long as the Harry S. Truman Little White House has. We don’t joke when it comes to something as serious as your family and that’s why we’ll go 360 for you.