Miami Business Insurance

Business Insurance in Miami FL

It takes a lot to start a business, but you did it. Your every waking hour and dime in your pocket has been put towards making your dream come true. Now your biggest concern should be next month’s numbers, not what could happen while you’re crunching them. We can guarantee that with Miami business insurance, while you’re building your future, you’re foundation will stay stable. We also offer insurance for other parts of your life, like;

  • Miami home insurance
  • Miami condo insurance
  • Miami flood insurance

What we do

Every business has it’s own policy that fits it perfectly. There’s also the option of mixing and matching policies. Don’t forget that Flood insurance is it’s own policy that can be bundled with these. You might be the the owner of a place like Finka Table & Tap, and need BOP, Restaurant Insurance, and Liquor Liability Insurance, or you might have another type of business that has other needs such as;

  • Miami General Liability Insurance
    • General Liability insurance will cover you during a lawsuit if someone hurts himself or herself in your place of business. For some business agreements it can be the minimum mandatory level of liability coverage.
  • Miami Professional Liability Insurance
    • Professional Liability Insurance is for companies that may be more prone to lawsuits like, physicians, attorneys, architects, engineers, consultants, and financial firms. This would cover not only the company, but also the individual employees.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
    • Errors and Omissions Insurance protects professionals that handle large amounts of paperwork from possible mistakes. The insurance protects you against potential paperwork errors.
  • Miami Business Owner’s Policy
    • Business Owner’s Policies, also called BOPs, are a basic level of Miami business insurance. This coverage covers property insurance for your building along with your company’s possessions. Business interruption insurance, which reimburses your company for lost income in the event of a covered loss, is also included along with liability coverage for your legal responsibilities. These three types of coverage are bundled together and can be a prime starting point for some businesses.
  • Miami Home based insurance policies
    • This policy is for running a business out of your home. Though you may already have an Miami home insurance policy, it will not cover very much, if any at all, of your business property within the home.
  • Miami Commercial Building and Property Insurance
    • Commercial Property Insurance simply covers your physical building as well as the personal and business property it contains.
  • Miami Builders’ Risk Insurance
    • Builders’ Risk Insurance will cover your building while under construction for things like, fire, theft, vandalism, lighting, and windstorms.
  • Miami Restaurant Insurance
    • Restaurant Insurance covers things that are more specific to a restaurant, bundling a few policies together for your convenience. The policy includes General Liability Insurance, which will cover you for a lawsuit if someone hurts themselves in the restaurant and Worker’s Comp Insurance, which will cover your employees’ medical costs and lost wages if they are injured on the job. It also provides liability coverage for the restaurant as well as personal property coverage and identity theft insurance.
  • Miami Business Contents Insurance
    • This policy will only cover the business’ possessions within the building due to damage or loss.
  • Miami Apartment Building Insurance
    • Apartment Building Insurance covers the building and any other structure on the property. General Liability insurance, which covers you for a lawsuit if someone hurts themselves on the premises, and Loss of Income insurance, which provides continuous income after a loss, are also included.
  • Miami Liquor Liability Insurance
    • If you own a bar, this one’s for you. This protects you for liabilities and associated costs that become your responsibility from patrons that damage property or injure another person.
  • Miami Trucking and Hauling Insurance
    • Trucking and Hauling Insurance is for anyone running a business from a motor vehicle. This would cover the cargo and equipment that you would be carrying.
  • Miami Garage Liability Insurance
    • This would be the insurance for those who own a vehicle repair shop of any kind. Garage Liability Insurance covers any bodily injuries or property damages caused by the business’ actions.
  • Miami Surety and Bonds
    • Bonds are used when companies need to show their clients that they will fulfill an agreement. If the company hired to do the work fails to do what was promised, the customer can get their money back from the bond. We would oversee this contract. Within the state of Florida there are multiple Bonds that are available such as, title bonds, business service bonds, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco bonds.
  • Miami Cyber Liability
    • This insurance covers any online businesses and would cover any information that is stolen or hacked.

Who we are

You’re all about your company. Small, medium, or large, you’re all about knowing names and pleasing faces. But how are you supposed to keep up with your company boat excursions with your employees at Coconut Grove, when you can’t even cover workers compensation?

There are many different types of policies for a business owner, contact one of our licensed insurance advisors to figure out what type of policy perfectly covers your company to make sure that you are neither over nor under covered.

In Miami particularly, Full Circle Insurance is the highest rated insurance broker on Yelp and Google. And we get that rating by dealing with no one but the best. We use our 360 Review Program to make sure that the agencies we quote are the best available. We only work with AM best rated insurance providers such as;

  • Lloyds of London
  • Zurich
  • AIG
  • Allianz
  • Amtrust
  • Chubb
  • Lexington Insurance Company
  • Nationwide
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Travelers

How we do it

Depending on the type and size of your company, there are different policies that will help you specifically. Using our 360 Review Program, one of our licensed insurance advisors will spend the time to find out what type of Miami business insurance package fits you. Our licensed insurance experts will check over 57 companies for the perfect policy. Your business might be a small local bakery or a financial center in a 55-floor skyscraper, but either way your workers deserve to be paid and your building needs to be covered.

Where we offer it

Our services as a insurance broker are offered in Miami and surrounding areas such as;

  • Brickell Business Insurance
  • Coconut Grove Business Insurance
  • Miami Beach Business Insurance
  • Downtown Miami Business Insurance
  • Little Havana Business Insurance
  • Coral Cables Business Insurance
  • Miami Gardens Business Insurance
  • Hialeah Business Insurance
  • Kendall Business Insurance


All of the businesses on the beaches of Miami are even covered. Actually, any business or company in Miami Dade County can be put under our Miami business insurance. So as you stare out of your office window, wondering about what the future of your company holds, Freedom Tower off in the distance, remember that no matter what you have to keep your family there safe.

Why we care

Miami is made out of its small local businesses and its corporate companies. Nothing would be quite the same with out them. With Miami business insurance we want to protect what you have built and keep your dream alive. Even if you’re only a mom and pop family own shop right now, we will stick with you while you grow, and offer you new and bigger policies as you do. And if you want to stay as your perfect little business you are now, than we’ll get you the exact policy you’ll need for that too. No matter what you’re looking for we’ll always give you the 360 experience.